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Greetings Shrimp Lovers!

We have had many inquiries for quite some time about the availability of our shrimp. I would like to take the opportunity to provide you with a brief update regarding our latest efforts to be able to provide you with local, sustainably raised, delicious shrimp.

Fall/Winter 2018-2019 we were unable to obtain a regular supply of Post Larvae (PL) (shrimp babies) to culture at our farm. During that time, we decided to start our own Inland Shrimp Hatchery, which was the first of its’ kind in the world using artificial salt water in a totally enclosed Re-circulation System. This was no easy task but we did have success very early on. It was a steep learning process to say the least!

We were unable to import any post larvae for various reasons but mainly that other SPF – Specific Pathogen Free hatcheries in the US would not provide us with the PL as we were potential competition and could compromise their own hatchery business with our latest developments.

Summer 2019 a shrimp disease (which has absolutely no affect humans) was detected in a couple of hatcheries in the USA and sold to some shrimp farms in Canada. These farms were required to sell off their product then do a cleaning and decontaminating procedure to eliminate the pathogen. Although GOOD4Ushrimp did not import from these particular hatcheries, the CFIA –Canadian Food Inspection Agency wanted to be sure that we were also not contaminated so we were required to do the same to our facility.

For the past 10 months, we have been working closely with CFIA, other government agencies and shrimp farmers to reopen the import of PLs and broodstock(Breeders). The challenges we are facing lie primarily with the regulations and policies that govern our industry, which in this case, have not kept up to the new bio-secure technology we have in our facility

The current Pandemic – COVID 19 has affected all of our lives beyond comprehension and will continue to do so in many different ways. Food security will become a much bigger part of our everyday lives moving forward. We can assure you that we are diligently working on approval to import live shrimp to get our hatchery and grow out operations up and running.

Our team, technology, and research has brought a significant amount of attention to GOOD4Ushrimp Inc. on an international scale. We are in the early stages of collaboration with Shrimp farms in Mexico that also have the desire to produce shrimp sustainably in RAS – Recirculating Aquaculture Systems. We have also begun to consult abroad to change the course of shrimp farming for the better.

Please feel free to follow our Facebook page and website as we expect to have more good news in the coming months.

Kerry LeBreton




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