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Sustainable Shrimp from Northern Ontario

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What is GOOD4Ushrimp Inc.?

GOOD4Ushrimp Inc. is an indoor RAS (Recycling Aquaculture System) located in Sudbury, Ontario. We have the first commercial hatchery in Canada that will supply our own farm requirements and post larvae to other shrimp farms. The shrimp that we sell to local markets is whole, head-on, tail-on never frozen.
Sustainable aquaculture and the highest quality shrimp production is our focus.

How can I purchase GOOD4Ushrimp?


We harvest the shrimp first thing in the morning and only bring a set amount to the market. To ensure that we have yours before we sell out, please pre-order by phone, email or on Facebook. 


At this time, shrimp is only available for pickup at the Sudbury Winter Market. Please stay tuned for an update on pick-up from the farm.

We will be at the Sudbury Winter Market at the Southridge Mall every Saturday until December 22nd from 9:30am-2pm.


If you are not from the Sudbury Area and you are unable to pick-up from the market, please note that we are actively working on a solution to deliver to you! We appreciate your patience and understanding. 

At this time we are only able to supply local to Sudbury pick-up orders. If you are not local, please note that we are working with various distributors to make our wonderful shrimp available to YOU!

What are people saying about GOOD4Ushrimp?

“Fantastic initiative to create a sustainable farm that we can be proud of in Northern Ontario.”

Chris Mask


“If you haven’t tried these shrimp yet… you should!”


Frank Cinotti

“Fantastic! Amazing shrimp! Can’t wait for the broth.

Tasha Breau

“My friend cooked some of your shrimp and I got to try them. They are so full of flavour! Yummy! Will be buying some soon!”

Sandy Stretch

Home of the

First Canadian Post Larvae

GOOD4Ushrimp Inc. is now able to supply Post Larvae shrimp across Canada for other shrimp farms to culture.

Contact us today for more information!

Did you know that by peeling your own shrimp you are taking a stand against human trafficking in the seafood industry? 

Stay Tuned

We will be updating the website frequently with shrimp availability and hours of operation. 




Ready to Order?

For more information on products and services, please contact us:


phone: 705-988-8828

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