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the impact of imported shrimp

As global interest in shrimp rises, various farming techniques are developed to meet consumer demand. Learn how you can ensure the shrimp you consume is good for you and the planet. 


Imported shrimp is affecting your health

It’s no secret that the use of antibiotics, pesticides, and insecticides in our food is an ongoing concern for not only the environment, but also our health. In shrimp farming, this is often the case when they are grown in crowded, shallow ponds that can harbour disease.

In recent decades, global demand for shrimp has exploded to the point where Canada alone imports about $700 million in shrimp every year – most of it coming from countries like India, Vietnam, China and Thailand.

While the use of antibiotics in shrimp farming is ban by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), the overuse of antibiotics in Asian shrimp aquaculture raises concerns about antibiotic-resistant bacteria landing in Canada through imported seafood.

A study on this matter was conducted where researchers purchased 51 frozen shrimp products from major grocery stores in Calgary, Toronto, Saskatoon and Montreal, and sent them in for analysis at the University of Saskatchewan. Nine of the products (17%) were found to be carrying bacteria, such as E. coli and staph aureus, that showed resistance to at least one antibiotic.

This is a HUGE problem, to say the least. Antibiotic resistance has been called one of the biggest threats to global health by the World Health Organization, with an estimated 700,000 people dying globally every year from antibiotic-resistant illnesses.

Read this CBC article for more eye-opening information on antibiotic-resistant bacteria (or “superbugs”), in addition to someone’s own unfortunate personal experience when faced with this matter.


why choose us

Why GOOD4Ushrimp is safe for you and the environment

“Multidrug resistance is probably the biggest threat that we have to modern medicine in the 21st century” – Dr. Gerry Wright, Infectious disease expert at McMaster University

Now instead of telling yourself “I’m never eating shrimp again”, know that there is a solution! Yes, you guessed it… GOOD4Ushrimp!

Here at GOOD4Ushrimp, we pride ourselves on providing local, sustainable, ethically grown, fresh shrimp to you and your loved ones. Our closed Recirculating Aquaculture System (RAS) allows us to farm with no risk of contaminating or harming aquatic species or ecosystems, and prevents the use of pesticides, cleaning agents or any other chemicals that can cause harm to our shrimp or our consumers. This system ensures that our water is constantly recycled and filtered, and maintained at specific parameters. Most importantly, NO ANTIBIOTICS are used or needed in our farm.

We’re doing our part, now it’s time you do yours. Support your local seafood farmers!



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