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We tried to find a word that wasn’t so trendy, but the truth is, sustainability being trendy is a beautiful thing. It reflects the collective growth in consciousness to move past the bottom line, wanting the best for ourselves and for future generations.

The following definition of what sustainability means reflects our vision of being a sustainable farm:

Sustainability means meeting our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. In addition to natural resources, we also need social and economic resources. Sustainability is not just environmentalism. Embedded in most definitions of sustainability we also find concerns for social equity and economic development. Sustainability

Most current global shrimp farming practices raise concerns about safe shrimp consumption, environmental damage and forced labor in seafood trade.  We are happy to be a part of a movement that has a focus on clean food within ecologically sustainable and ethical practices.

How are you minimizing your ecological footprint?

Indoor Farming

Our indoor facilities allow us to culture shrimp without having a dramatic effect on the surrounding environment. We are not hurting local ecosystems, damaging coastal estuaries or contaminating any water source. This ideal farming practice allows us to produce substantial amounts of shrimp for our consumers without depleting the natural stocks of shrimp in the world’s oceans. The ocean stocks are already severely depleted which adds to major issues with the natural supplies.

Sustainable Feed Movement

We would like you to know that each step of the way we are using the most ethical, clean and sustainable feed that is accessible to us. We will continue to work with governments, progressive feed companies and consultants to produce feed that meets our high standards. It is a process and a learning curve. We appreciate that you are supporting us on the journey that includes big visions for making improvements. We are in constant thought and dialogue to stand as a voice with those that want non-GMO, antibiotic free, nourishing and sustainable feed.

Feed Conversion Ratios

Feed conversion ratios are the most frequently used estimate of feed efficiency and is an important factor to consider when choosing your farmed protein. It is defined by the amount of feed required to produce 1kg of animal product. Shrimp are at the lower end of the scale along with salmon whereas pork and beef lie at the higher end.

What do you do about waste?

Using Whole Shrimp

Once our shrimp have grown to full size, we send them out head-on and tail-on. There is no processing facility where the shrimp are peeled and their shell, head or tail discarded. The whole shrimp is sold for our consumers to use in its entirety, that way nothing is wasted and the shrimp can be used in creative ways. If you are curious about the creative ways to use and cook shrimp, see our cooking section for more details.

No Waste Water

Waste water is a common source of contamination for surrounding bodies of water and can cause harm to the environment. Our farm is based on a Biofloc system which means the metabolic waste is recycled into a recirculating aquaculture system (RAS). Since the RAS constantly recycles, filters and cleans the water, we are not producing waste water.

Green Energy Movement

Currently we have not met our own standards of energy in terms of sustainability, however we have started our pathway to the most ideal sources of energy available to us at this time. We are working with the government to create an energy plan to provide us with clean technologies, processes and sustainable practices for our day to day operations. With your support we will be constantly working towards minimizing our carbon footprint as our farm progresses.

Do you provide jobs to your community?

Team Local

Most of our employees are local, Northern Ontario businesses and workers. We take pride in providing secure jobs, fair wages and safe working conditions to our employees. Having a business in a small northern community means that many people know you and care about your product. It is nice to see that people are taking great interest in our farm and we like to give back by providing a great product and great employment opportunities.

Growing Industry

Shrimp farming is very new to Canada. With the support of several levels of government, recirculating aquaculture systems in Canada have a stepping stone to develop and evolve. This will provide many opportunities for shrimp farming to become a local industry when it comes to farms, feed and supplies.



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